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Special thanks goes to Alpha of the Week, Meg, for introducing the cast and crew of MTV’s Teen Wolf to her Tea Wolf signature blends.

To celebrate, we are offering her entire set for 20% off this week.

I was the Alpha of the Week on Wolf Watch this week, it was so exciting!

I am so excited that this happened, the team at Wolf Watch were so sweet and Ilya & Adagio are so incredibly wonderful! 

Thank you guys all so much, I’m really happy I can be a tiny part of something so awesome. :D


Season 3A Shirtless Montage

The way Hoechlin looks like he’s totally not gonna break character for a second there. 

Just…just give me a second.

Anonymous asked
I noticed you haven't been posting much lately. *cough* Especially your female Stiles AU! I'm dying for it!!!!! Come back!!!!

Aww thanks, Love. 

Work has been taking over my life atm, but don’t worry, Fem!Stiles isn’t even like, half over. Stay awesome. 

- John